Ennismore Newborn Lifestyle SessionPeterborough Ennismore Lifestyle Photographer

Part of what’s awesome about being a photographer is that you get to photograph adorable things – like this heartwarming Ennismore newborn photo shoot. Partly from awesome experiences like this, I have to ask myself regularly – how lucky am I? I mean, how many other people do you know who get to play with puppies and newborns on the regular?

It helps even more when your clients are super easy to work with. Some of you may recognize Kayla as the amazing mom from my Real Maternity post. She was such an amazing sport – it was incredible to work with her to showcase not only the beauty behind pregnancy, but also the very real (and sometimes hilarious!) side of gestating a tiny human. I was so honoured to be able to photograph the follow up from this – baby Jordan, welcome to the world!

Going for the element of surprise, the couple didn’t know the sex of the baby beforehand. This resulted in a beautiful, neutral bedroom, decorated with rustic wood accents, not to mention a very chic mobile. One thing I can say for sure, Jordan – you have a beautiful room in which to spend your early years!

Throughout this process, I quickly realized how easily relationships can grow and change. It was a joy to watch Frankie, the dog who lovingly watched over Kayla throughout the Real Maternity shoot, as she found a new love to protect in her baby “sister” (check out how many photos include Frankie gazing adoringly at her). Signs of family ties were throughout the bedroom. The two dolls in the crib were gifts from Kayla’s grandmother. This Ennismore newborn shoot turned into a delightful time spent with a glowing new family. Thank you so much  for inviting me into your home to share and document your special memories!

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