I had the honour of photographing the breathtaking Caledon wedding recently between Tom and Andrea – and I truly don’t know if you could find a more perfect, rustic backdrop. Held on the property of the groom’s mother, the venue was surrounded by hundreds of trees that Tom himself had planted. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, there was a donkey and pony too, who graciously posed for photos.

Although the setting was stunning, it was the happy couple that absolutely glowed. The ceremony took place out beneath one of Tom’s trees, so the air was not only filled with excitement and love, but also with birds and just the hint of a breeze. As an additional heartfelt gesture, Andrea’s friends and bridesmaids provided her with a sash complete with her late mother’s signature to tie on her bouquet. Afterwards, we made our way to the reception, set in a gorgeous tent, complete with a open-air, beautifully lit dance floor. Guests were blown away by Tom’s sister’s speech (I saw more than one person wipe away tears from laughter). Thank you so much to the happy couple for inviting me to partake in your amazing day!

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Wedding Coordinator: Satin and Snow

Food: Citizen Catering

Hair & Makeup: Maya Goldenberg

Venue: Private Residence

Flowers: Coriander Girl

Photographer: J. Lee Photography