Cambridge Mill Wedding | Cambridge, Ontario | Maggie + Jason
It seems like just yesterday I was frolicking around downtown Toronto with Maggie and Jason for their engagement session. Before we knew it, the big day had arrived! The newlyweds put together some AMAZING advice for future couples. If you’d like to hear their words of wisdom, read on!..
1- What were some of the highlights of your wedding day?
The biggest highlight was literally seeing every single important person that have been in my own and Jason’s life under one roof together- the effort all these people made to come to our wedding that day and celebrate our union. It will not happen again to be honest. To have both sides of our families, people from different provinces and countries- we could not ask for anything more and it was the greatest feeling to know that they wanted to be there in person to share in the biggest day of Jason’s and mine life. Everyone was so happy, loving, wanting to share marriage advice and send good wishes for our future, it really meant a lot.
Hearing Jason’s vows and being able to say mine to him. I think we both anticipated a nervous feeling, having to publicly speak into a microphone but I was surprisingly excited to share with him what I had written down, as we both agreed to keep them a secret until the wedding day. We rarely take the time in our busy everyday lives to say such honest and genuine feelings, and make promises to each other about our relationship that I relished in the moment and soaked up all the feels in the room.
2-What advice would you give other couples planning their big day?

Take your time, do not get overwhelmed by the advice coming from all different directions (family, friends, pinterest timelines)… do what’s right for you and your partner. If it means going to city hall and having some food and dancing afterwards to doing a full-on formal event, its a lifetime memory that you will want to look back on and feel good about each and every day. Try your best not to judge others’ style or weddings that season, yours will always be your favourite regardless and in the end, that’s all that matters.

Decide what you’re going to splurge on ahead of time within the budget. For us, the venue, photographer and florals were the most important…and then we wanted to make sure our friends and family had a great time in the evening, with good music and lots of tasty snacks.
Try your best to compromise, understand what it is important and meaningful to your partner while planning. It could be the first of many experiences in a marriage where you need to communicate and problem solve together so that your day is the best one you could imagine.