Real Maternity Session | Ennismore, Ontario

Photographer Jessica Lee Latone of J.Lee Photography decided one day to do a Real Maternity Session.

What is a “real” maternity session, you ask?

It is the documentation and celebration of all the wonderful, uncomfortable, quirky (sometimes even gassy) bits of pregnancy that many women get to experience. Often times we see maternity photo shoots where everything is pretty, soft, and light, but in reality, it isn’t always so glamourous. Jess put a call out asking many friends who were/are pregnant what kinds of things they experienced leading up to the delivery of their babies. What came in response to this question was a series of many hilarious stories and one amazing Facebook thread of bonding moments. A few of these experiences have been translated into photos here in this blog.

How many of these can you relate to?……

1-Not being able to sleep when you’re actually supposed to

001-maternity 002-maternity

2- Getting ready in the morning is a struggle

real maternity session



3- Everyone in the house is wearing parkas and you’re just like….

005-maternity real maternity session

4- Realizing THAT’S where you put your keys….

007-maternity 008-maternity

5- Pickles. ‘Nuf said.

009-maternity real maternity session

6- Immediately regretting eating the pickles


7- Being so exhausted by throwing up/not sleeping/doing a million chores that you fall asleep anywhere

real maternity session

8- Discovering your boobs are expanding at an alarming rate


9-Being grateful for the extra stretch in your stretchy pants but being annoyed you have to constantly pull them up


9- Finally getting comfortable and suddenly getting the urge to pee. ALL. THE. TIME. (And just hoping you don’t sneeze or cough before you get there)

016-maternity 017-maternity

11- Dealing with your fur babies reluctancy to let someone else get all the attention


12- And finally….the kicks. Those teeny tiny kicks.

Those quiet moments that make absolutely everything worth it.


Thank you for taking the time to view this blog post. I hope it put a smile on your face.

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