When Adèle and Tanguy approached me to be the photographer for their wedding in Belgium, I leapt at the chance – especially when I learned that the ceremony for the elopement was happening at my home away from home in Lille, France. A way for me to photograph beautiful people in a beautiful place I love? Sign me up!

The day began in the quaint village of Lille, aka one of my personal favourite places. The intimate ceremony took place at a small church.  Afterwards, we moved the celebration to the incredible Ferme Ecavée in Belgium, a rustic but chic 18th century converted farm, complete with exposed brick walls and beautiful sprawling gardens. Adèle and Tanguy’s wedding had so many memorable features; the food, put simply, was everything (as any visitor of France or Belgium can easily attest). The folksy music of The Shiny Deers created an intimate, joyful atmosphere that had everyone grooving along. Even graphic designer Aurélie got in on the fun, custom designing playful masks for the photobooth.

Although I was obviously overjoyed to re-visit my old haunt, the truly amazing part of this adventure was seeing the bride and groom radiating happiness and love, and being lucky enough to be part of their special day (although again, the food was spectacular!).

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Photographer: J.Lee Photography

Venue: Ferme d’Ecavée, Belgium

Hair and makeup: Chrysoline Milville

Music: The Shiny Deers

Graphic Design: Aurélie Rault 

Photobooth : VIP Box 

Dress: Promesse

Catering: La Truite D’argent