Do you ever feel like you’ve stumbled into a real life fairy tale? As if you’ve accidentally stepped into a Disney film and you’re pretty sure the birds and chipmunks will start singing and calling you by name? Yeah, that was exactly how I felt during this Golden Ears Park couples session. I mean, will you check out those trees? They’re magic. They’re practically Ents.

But let’s talk about this super cool couple before I get too riled up about the forest: meet Stephanie and Karl. Aside from being more than a little obsessed with their gorgeous tattoos, I also fell in love with their adorable canine, Olivia. I’m fairly certain she enjoyed the forest as much if not more than we did! They are currently in the process of moving in and decorating their new space (which looks great!). I originally met them in Maple Ridge, BC. When they invited me to take a walk in the nearby Golden Ears Park, I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know the woodsy magic that would lay in store for me…

Now, my apologies, but I really need to get back to this forest. Mossy, green, lush, it was the perfect backdrop to document two people in love. We were treated to a mix of western hemlock, western red cedar, and Douglas fir. It felt still, and ancient; some of the trunks were so large, I had to wonder what the trees has seen throughout the ages. Overall, this surreal, serenely beautiful experience is one that I am so grateful to have had while out in British Columbia. Many thanks to Karl and Stephanie for inviting me on the mystical journey through the woods!

golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-scarf golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-hug golden-ears-park-maple-ridge golden-ears-park-maple-ridge golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-dog golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-girl golden-ears-park-maple-ridge golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-tattoo golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-laughing-couple golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-portrait golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-couple golden-ears-park-maple-ridge-forest