Ahh, Vancouver. Could you be any more magical? Any time I visit I’m swept away by the place. I mean, really, look at it. Lush green forests, gorgeous ocean views, a temperate climate – it’s a photographer’s dream. Well, except for maybe…the rain. Let’s talk about the Vancouver rain, shall we? It plays a pretty significant role in this Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver engagement session.

Picture, if you will, the adorable couple of Jess and Alex, who live in Vancouver. We decided to do an inspiring engagement photo shoot at the nearby Kitstilano Beach. We made sure it was prime sunset time, the whole shebang. Romantic, right? However, true to form, it was pouring rain. Obviously, we were all a little discouraged, until, after some patient waiting, it stopped. Not knowing how much time we would have, we leapt at the opportunity to take a few great shots. I couldn’t believe our luck when, a few minutes later, the clouds parted and sunshine started streaming through. Success! This turned out to be a tease, as a downpour started shortly thereafter.

My motto? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We learned to embrace the rain, as you can tell from the last few shots. Jess, an event planner (check out her link below!), knows better than anyone that sometimes, you need to just go with the flow. Both her and Alex were excellent sports throughout the whole process. It definitely helps that they’re adorable too! Overall, this was an amazing experience. Thank you so much to the happy couple for inviting me to this beach session!

kitsilano-beach-vancouver-couple Kitsilano Beach kitsilano-beach-vancouver-sunset kitsilano-beach-vancouver-walking-couple kitsilano-beach-vancouver-ocean kitsilano-beach-vancouver-rain kitsilano-beach-vancouver-holding-hands kitsilano-beach-vancouver-rocks kitsilano-beach-vancouver-waves kitsilano-beach-vancouver-hug kitsilano-beach-vancouver-love kitsilano-beach-vancouver-watching-sunset kitsilano-beach-vancouver-engaged-couple kitsilano-beach-vancouver-umbrella kitsilano-beach-vancouver-engagement kitsilano-beach

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