Ottawa Farm Wedding

Mike and Sam actually met in high school and have been together for 11 years! After graduating university, they took time off to travel around the world and even lived in Australia for a while.

The proposal is one of the most romantic stories I have ever heard. The first night after purchasing their new home, Sam came home from work to find a surprise….and….well….I will let her tell it…

“He handed me a small key and a note and told me to hold onto to it.  He had transformed our empty home into a the Fairy Tale story of our “Mike and Sam” (this was painted on the wall). He had developed 350 photos from our years together, with each one holding a special inside joke, adventure or memory in them. They were carefully strung out through our entire main floor and leading upstairs. Upstairs he had draped off our living room and he handed me a note continuing the Fairy Tale narrative that I had to read before I could enter. Behind the curtains were candles and rose petals leading to a wooden locked box and above there was hanging garden string lights. (And on the wall he had painted in huge letters i love you today, ill love you tomorrow and I can’t wait to love you the rest of my life). I had to open the hand carved box with the key had given me and Inside was another letter that I was supposed to read out loud  (I couldn’t through the tears) so he read it to me describing his love for me. He then got down on one knee!  (And brownie points for getting me the rose gold custom peach champagne sapphire ring) I was so excited and overwhelmed my legs collapsed haha. When I said yes I turned around and he pulled down another sheet where he had painted on the wall “and they lived happily ever after” – and it’s still on our wall today!”

…*sniff*….*sob*…let’s all just take a minute….

Isn’t that the most beautiful proposal story?

The wedding itself was full of even more thoughtful touches and beautiful moments. Samantha and Mike were more than successful putting together a day that was not only joyful and fun, but beautiful and enchanting. It was one of my most memorable weddings from the season, and as you can probably tell from the photo, I don’t think I stopped smiling once the entire time.

Today, they still go on adventures, such as shark cage diving, hikes, zip-lining and (attempting) to surf!

In their words: “We are the perfect balance for each other and live off cheesy jokes!”

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Officiant: Shari Rowan

Venue: Stanley’s Olde Maple Farm

Floral: Passiflora

Dress: Blu Ivory

Suit: 4men United

DJ: 2J’s Music Machine

Makeup: Taryn Miller

Hair: Kat Alderson

Hairpiece: Lottie Da Designs