With March break upon us, most people have travel on their minds.

Personally, I don’t think a moment goes by where I DON’T have it on my mind.

You would think that after traveling to nearly 20 countries, I would want to take a break, but nope. I just want more.

One of my more recent adventures was to Sayulita, Mexico with a group of the sassiest and most talented group of photographers in the industry. This little surf town was like something out of a movie (there was even a festival happening that week!) and I will definitely be going back….ideally with the same group of people…because they’re amazing…and did I mention sassy?001-Sayulita_Mexico

Once you arrive at the airport, you can cross the pedestrian walkway and have a drink in this little restaurant that’s right on the other side, although, you will have to follow the waiter down the street to a store where the owner will call an amigo to bring over 2 bottles of tequila for you to choose from and bring back to drink in the restaurant….



Oh, AND there’s entertainment!

003-Sayulita_Mexico 004-Sayulita_Mexico 005-Sayulita_Mexico

Just exploring the shops and taking in the beauty…

006-Sayulita_Mexico 007-Sayulita_Mexico 008-Sayulita_Mexico 009-Sayulita_Mexico 010-Sayulita_Mexico 011-Sayulita_Mexico 012-Sayulita_Mexico 013-Sayulita_Mexico

This cemetery leads to the Playa de los Muertos, or beach of the dead. Definitely go there if you get a chance!

014-Sayulita_Mexico 015-Sayulita_Mexico 017-Sayulita_Mexico 018-Sayulita_Mexico 019-Sayulita_Mexico 022-Sayulita_Mexico

Chocobanana is the most popular restaurant in the main square, however, it can be a bit busy and the food isn’t always great (sorry but it’s true…except for the frozen bananas which are pretty awesome). We discovered that if you walk just beyond it, there is another smaller cafe called Yah-Yah that has photo-covered walls, bright accents, wonderful food/coffee and way cooler vibes. Worth the extra 7 steps.

023-Sayulita_Mexico 025-Sayulita_Mexico

This was our home away from home for a few days. Absolute paradise!

024-Sayulita_Mexico 020-Sayulita_Mexico 021-Sayulita_Mexico026-Sayulita_Mexico 027-Sayulita_Mexico

Sam and Brittany chilling by the pool with Brian Van Wyk


I swear it’s not all fun games….photographers are always working, even when they’re away…



 032-Sayulita_Mexico 033-Sayulita_Mexico 034-Sayulita_Mexico

Unless you’re Keith Bridle…
(Just kidding Keith! Love you!)

035-Sayulita_Mexico 031-Sayulita_Mexico

Hugh Whitaker made a new friend. A cricket? Some sort of Mexican jumping bug.


The vivacious Tomasz Wagner was the first to leave the casita. I hate goodbyes. I really do.

037-Sayulita_Mexico 038-Sayulita_Mexico 039-Sayulita_Mexico

Helena Martin was kind enough to model for me while she enjoyed her well deserved treat.

040-Sayulita_Mexico 041-Sayulita_Mexico 042-Sayulita_Mexico

Ash and Michael had a romantic photo shoot at sunset along the beach. Sometimes it’s refreshing to get on the other side of the camera!

043-Sayulita_Mexico 044-Sayulita_Mexico 045-Sayulita_Mexico

Laurent Martin also partook in the rock climbing adventure!

046-Sayulita_Mexico 047-Sayulita_Mexico 048-Sayulita_Mexico 049-Sayulita_Mexico 050-Sayulita_Mexico



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